How we restore rotten fascia boards and repair other damages in your home

Date Posted : February 13, 2023

During our famously wet season in BC, we often deal with tasks to repair property damages caused by rain water or humidity, such as fixing rotten decks or re-constructing mold-covered building sections. Recently we were hired to do exactly that.

This home in south Surrey is just over 12 years old, but its front fascia boards, one upper-level window at the back, as well as the bottom boot details on the concrete deck's load-bearing columns had serious rotting issues that needed immediate fixing. Considering how much rain we get annually on the West Coast this kind of issues are quite common and we offer repair or restoration solutions that meet all building codes and industry standards.

Our first inspection revealed three major causes for these rotting:

  1. Original builders left non galvanized nails sticking out on fascia boards and over time those nails rusted out and eventually eating into the wood.
  2. Gable flashings were installed improperly. There were wide open gaps between gable and step flashings, thus rain water flowing freely behind fascia boards and roof structures.
  3. A regular drywall caulking was used and painted over on exterior load-bearing column shoes and over time rain water freely penetrating behind them, causing them to rot completely.    

We've remedied these issues with proper techniques and material choices. Brand new gable flashings with correct measurements were cut and installed. It properly covers over step flashings, guaranteeing a complete waterproofing. Entire window housing section was re-built with airtight sealing and waterproofing as well. As for those rotten column bases, they were also reconstructed with proper specs.

We are confident that the same issues will not re-occur at these re-constructed and repaired areas of this property. That’s a Wesbrook Guarantee!